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 Peyton, Sophie O.

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PostSubject: Peyton, Sophie O.   Peyton, Sophie O. EmptyWed Jan 09, 2019 11:10 pm

General Information File

Peyton, Sophie O. 1537631203471-png

Name: Sophie Olivia Peyton

Aliases: Soph

D.O.B.: December 23, 2039

Height: 5’4

Weight: 120

Natural Hair Color: Brown

Eye color: Greenish grey

Characteristic Features: Light freckles, pierced ears

District: Rose District

Current Occupation: Student

Weapons: Oof, no thank you!

Name of Father: Shepard Peyton (deceased)

Name of Mother: Ellie Peyton

Names of Sibling(s): N/A

Extended Family: None that she knows of

Pets: None

Faceclaim Name: N/A

Brief Description of Gifts:
Plant manipulation - Creation and manipulation of plants and parts of plants, with the potential to control them in altered or concentrated forms. Currently, her power is weak and unpredictable, primarily surfacing in the form of expedited vegetation growth during emotional outbursts.


  • Sophie is generally quiet but friendly and positive. She enjoy making new friends but doesn’t always know how, so she typically remains quiet, observing until she figures out how a group/person typically acts, then tailoring her responses accordingly.
  • Her powers have only just begun to surface and are uncontrolled but generally harmless, at this point. They react to her strong emotions, primarily through rapid vegetation growth.
  • Her father died about 2 years ago, when she was 12. She doesn’t like to talk about it. She has taken it upon herself to care for her grieving mother, who has become quite detached from the world.  
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PostSubject: Re: Peyton, Sophie O.   Peyton, Sophie O. EmptyThu Jan 10, 2019 7:36 am


Congratulations and welcome to Beata.
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Peyton, Sophie O.
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