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 Sophie's Test

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Sophie's Test Empty
PostSubject: Sophie's Test   Sophie's Test EmptyThu Jan 10, 2019 7:56 am

House Placement Test

1). I get angry easily.
Sophie's Test SQ8FFzH Disagree.

2). I radiate joy.
Sophie's Test EUwZNBt Agree.

3). I make friends easily.
Sophie's Test EUwZNBt Agree.

4). I try to please everyone.
Sophie's Test EUwZNBt Strongly agree.

5). I daydream about being in love.
Sophie's Test KZGI7zM Strongly disagree.

6). I use flattery to get ahead.
Sophie's Test ZlNmDJL Strongly disagree.

7). I like it when people are scared of me.
Sophie's Test EUwZNBt Strongly disagree.

8). I feel jealousy as a physical pain.
Sophie's Test SQ8FFzH Agree.

9). I try to outdo others.
Sophie's Test EUwZNBt Strongly disagree.

10). I feel my anxiety overwhelms me.
Sophie's Test EUwZNBt Agree.

Boarding?: N - lives in an apartment with her mother, about an hour's bus ride away.

oh pls
Sophie | Plant manipulation | Shy and quiet with a killer curiosity
Clarisse | Blank | Sassy blonde with daddy issues
Tobias | Fire manipulation | Overconfident, hotheaded Patterson boy
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Sophie's Test Empty
PostSubject: Re: Sophie's Test   Sophie's Test EmptyThu Jan 10, 2019 8:16 am


Congratulations and welcome to Spring.
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Sophie's Test
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