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 Fudoolie's Characters | Sophie

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Fudoolie's Characters | Sophie Empty
PostSubject: Fudoolie's Characters | Sophie   Fudoolie's Characters | Sophie EmptyThu Jan 10, 2019 9:57 am

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Sophie Olivia Peyton




Until the age of 12, Sophie grew up as an only child in a happy, two-parent household. Her parents belonged to a fairy-tale world, both perfectly content in their small apartment in the city, an hour's bus ride from Beata Academy. Her parents doted over her and over the plants they grew to bring color and life to the place. Her father rarely used his powers of plant manipulation, and when Sophie's began developing, she took little notice of them. They all had green thumbs, anyway; why would they need to bother using their powers? Unfortunately, when Sophie was 12, her father was tragically taken from them by forces outside their control. She is loathe to speak of it; ever since, she has spent her evenings caring for her grieving mother, an empty shell of the sweet, joyful woman Sophie used to know. With very little control of her powers and few other options, Sophie began working wherever and however she could to help her mother pay the bills. Thankfully, her father had paid off the apartment, but there was still food, electricity, gas, and water to attend to. Thus, Sophie's life became filled with quiet desperation. At her mother's insistence, she attends Beata Academy, but she is always eager to return home to tend to her mother. (Dialogue Color: #556B2F)

oh pls
Sophie | Plant manipulation | Shy and quiet with a killer curiosity
Clarisse | Blank | Sassy blonde with daddy issues
Tobias | Fire manipulation | Overconfident, hotheaded Patterson boy
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Fudoolie's Characters | Sophie
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