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 Ethelthryth Bradwin Arachne

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PostSubject: Ethelthryth Bradwin Arachne   Ethelthryth Bradwin Arachne EmptySun Jan 13, 2019 4:41 pm

General Information File

Ethelthryth Bradwin Arachne Th?id=OIP.dEJlS8lA2R-ld5fO6OzPUQHaLZ&pid=15

Name: Ethelthryth Bradwin Arachne

Aliases: Ethel or Ethie and Dewdrop by her father to embarrass her

D.O.B.: May 5 2040

Height: 5"4

Weight: 115 lbs

Natural Hair Color: Black with a blue sheen

Eye color: Light Blue

Characteristic Features: For someone who can turn into a giant spider, her human form is adorable only accented by her perfect posture and attentive expression that makes it appear as if she is trying to hard. Looking down to her as most do her lustrious overly long hair and sapphire eyes tend to garner the majority of attention. The majority of the time she wears a slightly altered school uniform to appear more in line with a traditional military uniform, to represent the CMF and her clan. On a mission, she would wear more fitting attire such as the Arachne Combat Fatigues or whatever was issued to her, and for events, she would dress accordingly.

District: Foxhaven; Aranid Manor

Current Occupation: Student

Weapons: Compound Bow (Registered) Throwing Knives (Registered) M9 Combat Knife (Registered)

Name of Father: Isaac Doane

Name of Mother: Lilynette Arachne

Names of Sibling(s): [N/A]

Extended Family:

  • Grandparents: Ambrose Arachne & Wynn Arachne
  • Uncles: Bradwin Arachne, Clywd Arachne
  • Aunts: Valentia Arachne
  • Cousins: Alexandria Arachne, Anatheus Arachne, Reidar Arachne

Pets: [N/A]

Faceclaim Name: Not sure cannot get a conclusive answer

Brief Description of Gifts:
[GIFT NAME] -Spider Shapeshifting - The ability to full or partially shapeshift into a spider of equivalent to the size of the shifter.


  • Ethelthryth hates being referred to as Ethel as it makes her sound like an old woman.
  • She enjoys jokes, however, all CMF children are trained from a young age in combat. The Arachne are overzealous in there training, specifically in the areas of discipline and control. As such she finds it hard to relax outside of friend and family as she has to uphold the Arachne name.
  • Tactics and history are a personal favourite of her's, as such she enjoys 4x games and tabletop games.

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PostSubject: Re: Ethelthryth Bradwin Arachne   Ethelthryth Bradwin Arachne EmptySun Jan 13, 2019 10:03 pm


Congratulations and welcome to Beata.
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Ethelthryth Bradwin Arachne
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