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PostSubject: Arachne   Mon Jan 14, 2019 4:33 am

Name: Arachne

Gifts: Spider Shapeshifters

Common characteristics: Black to light brown hair, fair or tanned complexion with blue or green eye colour. However, an outside characteristic can change the outcome on rare occasions as Reider has yellow eyes.

Family Moto: Fila Telarum Tantum Singulis Velut (A web is only as strong as it's individual threads)

Family Colours: Sable (Consistency) Murry (Fortutitdte)

Related families: One of the clans that make up the Clan Mutata Figura

Family Creator:Ethelthryth

Brief history: While not as numerous as the Vuples or Lupos within the CMF. Though None can deny the effectiveness of an Arachne shock trooper or operative. Their almost fanatical dedication to discipline and warfare steams back to the founding of the clan. While most would think the clan would be a ruthless untrustworthy clan, but that is nothing but blind ignorance. As with most in the CMF they hold honour in high regard, but their code of honour does not apply to their enemies.

Warfare may be at the forefront of the clan, but their gift to produce unmatched silk has given way to a secondary house specialty in the form of tailoring. Every Arachne is a tailor on par with there combat prowess. Arachne clothes are on par with some of the best protective gear in terms of durability, but holds the qualities of flexible silk. As such Arachne clothing is a symbol of status only worn by those of high status.

Aside from the family motto the Arachne have a family lexicon laying out all of there customs and rules one must follow from how to tie your laces to the proper maintenance of a weapon. While it is mostly a manual on how to act when representing the clan. However, the consumption of humans is out of the question and results in immediate execution as it brings to light a darker part of there past.

With most clans, the oldest of the main branch in first in line to become the next leader. Though if they seem unfit leadership will be passed to next in line if no heirs are available or another seems more fit for the position it will go to a clan vote. Due to a more meritocratic system, the main branch has shifted constantly throughout the years and constantly forcing the branches to compete against one another to prove that they are best of the Arachne.

March 14 and October 31 are days of celebration for the Arachne. On the 14 they hold a tournament in the area that anyone can attend and participate. Those that can best a family member in a given sport will receive a prize and placed into a secondary tournament of champions. The winner of the second tournament is given a full outfit of Arachne Silk. On the 31th the entire manor is renovated into a haunted house with the family members participating to scare the guests to raise money for charity as well as other acts of charity throughout the city.


The Arachne hold the title of the elite prison guard, as such the lowest level was designed around their physiology making it near impossible for anyone but an Arachne to go in and out of it. As such only high risk inmates are held within the Arachne quarter.

The Codex Arachnid was Penned by Manius Arachne after the Arachne Civil War five hundred years ago. While the entire war was directed over the consumption of human flesh, Manius wished for them to be seen in a better light by others within the CMF. As their continued savage acts would only lead to their demise at the hands of the other clans due to fear and distrust.

While other clans did offer their assistance in dealing with a possible future threat, Manius refused and wanted to keep it within his clan as to not have any outstanding debts or resentment from the loss of family from other clans while in such a fragile state after the fighting.

The war itself lasted ten years, with heavy losses on both sides. Manius and a few of his guard were those left that were part of the fighting. The rest were made up of those that were too old or young to fight. After such a bloodied battle and loss of those so close to one another Manius wrote a book with rules to better his clan while removing the chance of another war within the family. Within the two hundred and eighty eight rules and regulations inside the book, the five most important rules are.

  • Do not consume human flesh
  • Loyality resides only within those of the Arachne
  • Kill only if necessary
  • Do not tarnish the family name
  • Tell others only what is necessary

Characters & roleplayers:

  • (Ethelthryth) Ethelthryth Bradwin Arachne - Daughter of Lilynette Arachne and Isaac Doane attending Beata Academy
  • (NPC) Lilynette Arachne - Daughter of Ambrose & Wynn Arachne and first in line to succeed Ambrose
  • (NPC) Ambrose Arachne - The current head of the Arachne and Father of Lilynette, Bradwin, Clywd, Valentia while also Grandfather to Ethelthryth, Alexandria, Reidar, Nathaniel Arachne
  • (NPC) Wynn Arachne - Married to Ambrose and Mother to Lilynette, Bradwin, Clywd, Valentia as well as Grandmother to Ethelthryth, Alexandria, Reidar, Nathaniel Arachne
  • (NPC)Bradwin Arachne - Son of Ambrose & Wynn, Father of Reidar & Alexandria Arachne and holds the title of Battlemaster while second in line for the Arachne household under his sister
  • (NPC)Clywd Arachne - Son of Ambrose & Wynn and the youngest of the siblings holds the title of spymaster of House Aracne
  • (NPC)Valentia Arachne - Daughter of Ambrose & Wynn, Mother to Nathanael Arachne, Holds the title of Strategist of House Arachne
  • (NPC)Alexandria Arachne Daughter of Bradwin and attending Beata Academy
  • (bunjaminjamin)Anatheus Arachne Son of Valentia and attending Beata Academy
  • (NPC)Reidar Arachne Son of Brawin and attending Liberi Academy
  • (NPC) Isaac Doane Father of Ethelthryth, but divorced from Lilynette

Accepting new members?: Looking for everyone currently, NPCs are available for the taking.
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