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 [Canada] [Mission: Retrace Your Steps] The Hangover

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[Canada] [Mission: Retrace Your Steps] The Hangover Empty
PostSubject: [Canada] [Mission: Retrace Your Steps] The Hangover   [Canada] [Mission: Retrace Your Steps] The Hangover EmptyMon Dec 03, 2018 4:58 pm

Evander resurrected from a black and dreamless sleep with a pained groan, eyes flicking open to an unfamiliar roof and the hypnotizing whirl of the ceiling fan. He leaned up from where he found himself, sprawled across a fancy dinner table in a stranger's clothes, and reached up to run his fingers through his hair, a red crusty paste streaking up his palm and down his sleeve, invading his nostrils with the copper tang of blood. The smell was dizzying. Blinking away the last shreds of fatigue, he edged back, feeling a sharp tug against his wrist and the light chink of a chain.

His Unity Link was gone, replaced by an even slimmer silver bracelet that chafed against his skin. The other cuff hooked around the grip of a black briefcase that weighed at least fifteen pounds, by the way it rested in his lap. Evander sat up fully, glancing around the destroyed condo, strewn with the wreckage of upturned furniture. Water overflowed from the kitchen faucet, dripping in white sheets from the cabinets onto the tiled floor, and the smoke alarm wouldn't stop chirping.

There were others with him in the room, barely more than strangers, but he was reassured to see them. Mission. He remembered boarding an airplane, a taxi ride. Out the tall windows, a dizzying seventy stories below, was the domed Olympic Stadium, and the thrum of city streets, half the signs in French.

"Where the hell are we?"

(Starting out, we are in possession of:
- a briefcase full of diamonds [handcuffed to Evander]
- a firearm [with Dante]
- a huge white cat in a harness and collar
- a stranger hogtied up in the closet)

esther's pics •• cailin's pics •• evander's pics
esther wright   cailin andrews   evander lupo
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[Canada] [Mission: Retrace Your Steps] The Hangover Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Canada] [Mission: Retrace Your Steps] The Hangover   [Canada] [Mission: Retrace Your Steps] The Hangover EmptyWed Dec 05, 2018 9:14 pm

Dante himself was propped up under the dinner table, legs sticking out from under. One shoe was missing, and the other was across the room, paired with an incessant ear ringing. Moving his hand to tap his ear to make it go away, the man recoiled in response to an object in his hand, dark eyes widening and jaw dropping.

A gun.

The sight of it did not scare him. No, he had used a weapon similar to it many times in his life. But the fact was that he had intentionally left his own unregistered back at the city, yet he held one in his hands worried Dante. How had he come across another during the mission? Speaking of... how did they get there? Why had they come to this place? As soon as his senses returned to him, Dante sat up using his other hand to hit his head to dislodge the noise that sounded more like chirping. Dante's brows knit as he pulled himself from under the table hand grasping the edge and hauling his own unwilling body to his feet.

Socked feet avoided glass from plates, Dante holding the gun at his side. "This fucking ringing." Dark eyes flashed angrily at the realization it was a fire alarm. "Shut up." The college student aimed the gun toward the fire alarm with a single hand and pulled the trigger.


The fire alarm went silent.
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[Canada] [Mission: Retrace Your Steps] The Hangover
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