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Check out the Halloween Festival in Harvest Park! Students in costume get in free!
Students trace a would-be killer's footsteps to the Burger Bar.
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 [Mission: Restrain the Love Lizard] Love at First Sight

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PostSubject: [Mission: Restrain the Love Lizard] Love at First Sight   Mon Dec 03, 2018 2:16 pm

The entire park had been cordoned off, but the Guardians only escorted the group of students to the end of the small parking lot, where the asphalt ended and the manicured lawn began. After that, they were set off on their own, following winding footpaths flanked by thin poplars, through tunnels of craning maple crowns, showering carpets of red leaves down across the walkways. Through gaps in the boughs, soft pink and gold clouds stretched across a bruised twilit sky, long and thin as claws, and soon the brighter hues began to drain from from the firmament, speckles of stars fading into life through pinpoints in the clouds.

All around them, nocturnal life was stirring. Croaking frogs and toads, a chorus of cricket-song, the hoot of a distant owl. Twenty years ago, this was a dark old-growth wood, coyotes and mountain lions lurking among the towering swamp ash and skeletal quaking aspen. The earth had been leveled since then, thick chokecherry and hazel and dogwood cleared out for cherry trees and park benches. All the lions and wolves and foxes had been flushed out to make room for the melusine.

This was a clean and quiet park on a ritzy side of town, with no playground to attract screaming children, which made it an ideal place to pop the question. When the sun deigned to shine in Rivers Pointe, the gardens bloomed with strolling couples and kids out on first or second dates. And just a short stop from Anima Zoo and Aquarium. It was only natural that their target would end up here, but the question of how it broke out in the first place still had them scrambling.

They had kept the thing locked up over nineteen years with only four or five incidents, and never an escape attempt. The enclosure was secured for worst monsters, sixteen feet wide and eight feet high, rooted in reinforced concrete and viewed from behind bulletproof glass, with no mention for the on-site security. Escape had never even been considered a possibility until the early hours of that morning, when the senior guard arriving for the shift change found the entire staff incapacitated by the creature (the details of which are best left unspoken).

But the enclosure had been opened from the outside, by a human. There were no traces of anything unnatural, just a lock frozen with aerosol refrigerant and shattered with an electric drill. The intruder came in through the staff entrance, propped three doors open, rang the dinner bell, and left. The melusine was free to just wander out through the staff-only building and into the main park, where Guardians and zoo staff found chinks up the high concrete walls, marks of long claws that allowed her to clear the barrier and escape. An exhaustive day long search of Sofia District led the Guardians to the next sighting, here at Vestal Gardens.

So far, nobody sees anything.

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[Mission: Restrain the Love Lizard] Love at First Sight
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