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 Never too Late for a Dip [open]

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Never too Late for a Dip [open] Empty
PostSubject: Never too Late for a Dip [open]   Never too Late for a Dip [open] EmptyTue Oct 09, 2018 10:33 am

"You can be my guiding light... Keep me... Company in the night."

It was pretty late into the year to be swimming... Pretty late in the day as a matter of fact. Much of the school had already headed back into their dorm rooms for the evening. From the vast windows, she could make out the moon starting to hang in the distance, leaving their campus hushed and quiet, aside from the distant echo of rustling leaves and branches tapping against the building's strong glass frame. And in that peaceful air, she found it most suiting to relax at the edge of the poolside, donning her last swimsuit for the season and letting her legs dip into the warm pool water.

"That's all I need. All I want is for you to stay a little longer now..."

Sure, it wasn't exactly as if their pool was a state of the art resort, but it felt sweet to her all the same. As Elia glanced down at her own reflection in the crystal blue water, she could feel almost all of her troubles melt away, primping up her hair bun and shooting a small wink to herself.

"With arms around me like a border..."

The swimming pool was probably one of the most uncanny places to hear somebody practice singing, but the gym area has a whole was basically a gold mine for sweet, echoing acoustics. She'd found herself loving the sound of her own voice to the point that she hadn't even heard it when someone else had wandered on in.
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Never too Late for a Dip [open]
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