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 Hobbes, Ross

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PostSubject: Hobbes, Ross   Hobbes, Ross EmptyFri Jan 11, 2019 9:32 am

General Information File

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Name: Ross Hobbes

Aliases: N/A

D.O.B.: October 18th, 2020

Height: 6'3

Weight: 181 lbs

Natural Hair Color: Dark brown

Eye color: Grey-blue

Characteristic Features: N/A

Face-claim Name: Dallon Weekes // Gilbert Bouganvillea [Violet Evergarden]

District: Don't worry, he mostly sleeps in his car or his bar.

Current Occupation: Resident, runs a small bar at the outer edge of Rose District, called The Dead End

Weapons: Registered, a revolver.

Name of Father: Unknown

Name of Mother: Hannah Hobbes (deceased)

Names of Sibling(s): Unknown

Spouse: Hollie Hobbes (ex-wife)

Children: Grace Hobbes (currently living with her mother)

Extended Family: Unknown

Pets: A large, unnamed mutt.

Brief Description of Gifts:
Darkness Constructs -The ability to create solid objects out of darkness.


  • Before graduating Beata, Ross was a Winter.
  • Ross has never followed up his education by going to Benedicite.
  • In the year 2052, Ross' high school sweetheart and, at the time, wife, divorced him, and moved away with their kid.
  • During his studies at Beata, Ross was said to be violent and troubled, most of the time on his own, and the only company he ever had was his girlfriend, Hollie.
  • Ross attempted a career in music that never went anywhere.
  • Most suspect Ross might be slightly deranged. Slightly.
  • Definitely alcoholic, does not intend to change that.

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Hobbes, Ross Tenor
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Congratulations and welcome to Beata.

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Hobbes, Ross
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