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 Bishop, Jaime P.

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PostSubject: Bishop, Jaime P.   Bishop, Jaime P. EmptyWed Jan 09, 2019 8:07 pm

General Information File

Bishop, Jaime P. OSfdeb3

Name: Jaime Paige Bishop

Aliases: Jay

D.O.B.: 06/17/2039

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 107lbs

Natural Hair Color: Platinum-blonde

Eye color: Amber-red

Characteristic Features: Seems to be consumed by a soft glow that grows stronger the more you look at her

District: Sofia District

Current Occupation: Student

Weapons: N/A

Name of Father: Matthew Bishop

Name of Mother: Summer Bishop

Names of Sibling(s): Amelia Hawke, Adrian Hawke, Lyrra Hawke, Mabel Hawke, Mason Hawke, Mathew Hawke, Daemon Peters, Theresa Amell, Eloise Wright [Half siblings]

Extended Family: Cayden Hawke [Biological Father]

Pets: N/A

Faceclaim Name: Marry Kozakura - Kagerou Project

Brief Description of Gifts:
Hypnotic Prescense - Jaime has an overwhelmingly hypnotic presence which bends the minds of whoever gazes upon her for an extended period of time. Her presence has a dominating effect on the minds of beings around her and makes opponents utterly enamored upon being near the user.

While her gift is powerful in theory, it is easily broken with sudden shock or strong will. People closer in the vicinity to her are more susceptible than those farther away. If someone stares at her for too long, they fall under her hypnosis and can be commanded to do things they would not regularly do. She cannot force anyone to do something they adamantly do not want to do as it is not mind control, only temporary hypnosis. While she appears as a glowing, attractive figure in general to those falling under her spell, the process is quickened with direct eye contact.


  • She is aware of her birth father, but keeps the secret for her mother's sake.
  • She was born to a young Solaris member and the leader himself, something she is also aware of but chooses not to speak of. While she doesn't completely condone their actions she feels it isn't her place to tattle. She is under the impression that becoming a Solaris member is her birthright and struggles to fight that idea. Occasionally she will support them with her gift on minor missions that cause no harm.
  • To help mediate her gift, she's often found wearing sunglasses and carries around an airhorn in her bag to break anyone out of her spell. She's not a fan of using her gift for her own will but will use it when necessary.

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Congratulations and welcome to Beata.
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Bishop, Jaime P.
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