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The in-game year is 2054.
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The city is seeing a sharp spike in violent crime. It's not safe to walk alone.


 (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

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(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions Empty
PostSubject: (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions   (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions EmptyMon Aug 13, 2018 7:36 pm

Do you have a question about our site, our setting, our lore, or our rules? Ask here. The answer will be added to the list for the benefit of future members.

Q: Is Beata an original setting?
A: Beata is an original setting created by our admin Ebony. It is not based off a book, anime, TV show, or anything like that. We get a lot of comparisons to X-Men and Harry Potter, but Beata wasn't modeled or inspired by anything in particular. This is just our take on a common idea.

Q: Who is the artist of the banner picture?
A: Their name is Rella, a Chinese artist on Pixiv. { Link to Original Source |
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(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions
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