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 Power Help

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PostSubject: Power Help   Mon Aug 27, 2018 4:02 pm

Taken Powers
There are no restrictions on sharing powers, but we do encourage diverse and unique abilities. Read more on the hereditary nature of gifts.

Air Manipulation (Riegel bloodline)
Electricity Manipulation (Andrews bloodline)
Energy Manipulation (Jacobs-Moore mix)
Fire Manipulation (Patterson bloodline)
Heat Manipulation (Laiten bloodline)
Ice Manipulation (Allen bloodline)
Magnetic Manipulation (Hawke-Peters mix)
Plant Manipulation (Jacobs / Gyork bloodlines)
Poison Generation (Toffana bloodline)
Smoke Manipulation (Skyosa bloodline)
Solar Manipulation (Hawke bloodline)
Sound Manipulation (Stein bloodline)
Spiritual Fire Breath (Uri-Williams mix)
Stellar Manipulation (Chree-Herman mix)
Vibration Manipulation (Bryson bloodline)

Bug Manipulation (Watts bloodline)
Literary Manipulation (Dalton bloodline)
Memory Manipulation (Hall-Kennedy mix)
Mind Reading (Hall/Parks bloodlines)
Mindshifting (Yount bloodline)
Omniscience (slicing experiment)
Psychometry (Sakakibara bloodline)
Spatial Manipulation (Walker bloodline)
Time-Space Synesthesia (Motte-Wright mix)
Telepathy (Amell bloodline)

Gift Eater (Owen bloodline)
Power Enhancement/Negation (Kent bloodline)

Diamond Mimicry (Grayson bloodline)
Dream Manipultion (Sinclaire bloodline)
Healing Factor (Riley bloodline)
Kinetic Energy Manipulation (Kennedy bloodline)
Regeneration/Regeneration Reversal (Jung-Tseung bloodline)
Superhuman Speed (Jackson-Wayley bloodline)
Supernatural Thievery (Milano bloodline)
Teleportation (Moore-Sanford mix)

Angelic/Cupid Physiology (Herman bloodline)
Animal Mimicry (Ashina bloodline)
Corrupted Form (Liu bloodline)
Dream Lordship (Vu bloodline)
Eagle Physiology (Alium-Aquilam bloodline)
Wolf Form (Lupo bloodline)

Clairaudience (Hall-Stein mix)
Empathy (Wright bloodline)
Musical Infusion (White-Wright mix)
Musical Projection (Delangelo-Wright mix)
Perception Bending (White bloodline)
Sleep Song (Delangelo-Meyers bloodline)
Time Perception Manipulation (Harper bloodline)
Wish Granting (Kim bloodline)

Restricted Powers
1. No more meta-powers. This includes power negation, power enhancement, and power mimicry.
2. No more time travel.
3. Instant death, or unbeatable powers that might as well be "touch someone and they die."
4. Universe-bending powers, like the manipulation of whole celestial bodies, oceans, or landmasses. If your power could threaten the very foundation of the Earth and all the life on it, then we can't approve it, sorry.
5. Please respect our universe by only roleplaying your own original characters. This is not a Marvel, X-Men, DC, Harry Potter, or anime-based RP. We've had a long history of people sneaking in fan and derivative characters under our nose, including a self-replicating version of English singer and songwriter Harry Styles.

We have approved some of these powers in the past and these characters have been grandfathered in. But going forward, we have decided it's best to put a cap on new characters with these powers unless they're part of a pre-existing bloodline with these abilities.

Please remember that Superpower Wiki is not the authority on everything your power can do. If you have questions, please ask staff. ;)
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Power Help
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