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 Kennedy, Sarah E.

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PostSubject: Kennedy, Sarah E.   Thu May 10, 2018 9:24 pm

General Information File

Name: Sarah Elise Kennedy

D.O.B.: TBD - 11 y/o

Height: 4'3"

Weight: 70 lbs

Natural hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Blue

Characteristic Features: N/A

District: [richy mc'richtown]

Current Occupation: Student - Liberi Academy

Name of Father: William Kennedy

Name of Mother: Dakota Kennedy [née Hall]

Names of Sibling(s): Stephen Kennedy [?], Cody Stein [?]

Extended Family: N/A

Brief Description of Gifts:
Memory Manipulation -User can control memories of oneself and others, allowing them to modify, fabricate, suppress, influence, repair, restore, erase, detect, and view them. They can change memories to confuse, wipe away certain memories to cause amnesia, discern and provoke nostalgia, and enter the victim into a psychic vision, replaying their memory.

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Kennedy, Sarah E.
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