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 A quiet corner (open!)

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PostSubject: A quiet corner (open!)   Wed Jan 09, 2019 9:09 pm

At the far back corner of the library, Reed sat comfortably in a low set, but well cushioned couch with two matching chairs on either side. He pushed a stack of random magazines and books strewn on the coffee table to one side, placing his bag in their place. Clipped on the strap of the bag was a button with a round ferret face. There was just enough sunlight spilling through the tall, arched window that he’d picked this spot to settle down rather than any number of spots with a simple chair and a lamp. He’d never admit that he’d fast walked (more like booked it) to the library after class to get this spot before some nimrod decided to sleep on the couch like some lazy caveman.

Reed shoved his bangs roughly up with his hand, pushing it out of his face. Laid open on his lap was a thin, mustard yellow book dulled in color from extended exposure to sunlight. The corner of the pages were clearly worn and dog-eared, while the spine of the book was riddled with vertical lines. The title was no better, having been rubbed off through years of extensive use.

There was just one big problem, however.

The book was open, but Reed was thinking of everything else but the words on the page. After several more attempts to get his brain to concentrate on the book, he eventually snapped it shut and grumbled under his breath. There really wasn’t any big reason why his mind was so scattered, other than being one of those days. Well, there was that winter formal thing going on, and he didn’t have any intentions on going(being with people. Gross.). Reed had excellent plans that day. Stay in his dorm and sleep under a mountain of pillows and blankets. He sighed, resting the back of his head on the cushioned couch. Reed considered giving in and sleeping, just like those lazy cavemen students did. He blew his breath out, watching when a sudden cloud of sparkles billowed upwards, then gently fell back down in a veil of blue and white twinkling stardust.

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PostSubject: Re: A quiet corner (open!)   Thu Jan 10, 2019 8:21 am

He was so sick and tired of his room. The walls were closing in on him, and alone he had nothing to think of, except what he didn't want to think about. So, naturally, he had to get out - before he died of a mixture of boredom and dread.

The academy's library, as much as he disliked admitting it, was impressive, as much as it was littered with people he didn't care for. They only served to make him feel claustrophobic, thus not really improving on his earlier state. Arthur paid them no mind, instead busying himself with winding a path through the numerous shelves, picking up books as he went, trying to find a distant place, away from the general crowd. When he was finally done, he had acquired about five volumes, of varying sizes and level of wearing - mostly poetry. Walking had served to bringing him to a secluded corner, stiffly comfortable, like a guest room who hadn't known many inhabitants over the years.

Well, except this one did have an inhabitant. The books were excessively heavy in his arms, his nerves still in shock from a couple of days earlier, much like his brain, so, without much acknowledgement of the stranger, he pushed what he presumed was the other's bag to the side of the table, and put them there instead, only keeping one, cream-colored volume. "Is this what is done in here?" Arthur snorted flatly, unamused, and mostly just remarking for himself, examining with a figment of interest the sparkling letting around the stranger's face.

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A quiet corner (open!)
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