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 Hail Hail, The Band's All Here [Sirens]

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Hail Hail, The Band's All Here [Sirens] Empty
PostSubject: Hail Hail, The Band's All Here [Sirens]   Hail Hail, The Band's All Here [Sirens] EmptyTue Nov 27, 2018 8:12 pm

Christine had already been in the studio with her guitar when she had gotten the Unity Link message from Esther about rehearsing for the Winter Formal. She shrugged, not that Esther could see it. It was a good idea, to get ahead of the ball, especially if they were playing a new piece. Pun intended. She played a few chords of her favorite song, the first song her dad had played to her on the guitar since she was little, Dream On. It was an oldie even when her dad was her age, but it was still one of the greatest songs of all time, at least in her opinion. For years she practiced it to perfection, although it was hard with only one guitar. She sang along as she played, to break up the monotony of some of the parts. She was lucky that not only had she inherited her dad's natural talent for instruments, she had also inherited near perfect pitch. Both of which complimented her gift very nicely. As she continued into the song she got further and further into the song, her voice starting from a whisper and slowly built up to a decently loud singing voice. Gone was the fear that someone would catch her singing, she was lost in the song that put her to sleep as a small child.


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Hail Hail, The Band's All Here [Sirens] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hail Hail, The Band's All Here [Sirens]   Hail Hail, The Band's All Here [Sirens] EmptySat Dec 01, 2018 3:51 pm

She didn't speak, and she wasn't seen. Esther kept her bass slung across her back, tangled cacbles, collapsible mic stands, and crumpled up lyric sheets heaped inside a black canvas bag scaled with a thousand shiny pins. They represented a thousand different shows, a thousand different bands, clink-clink-clinking as she wound her way down the halls and corridors, using her free hand to hammer out messages across Esper, eyes glued down to the screen. This quarter of the school building was her father's territory, where he taught music and art, and all it took was a little kissing up to convince him to set the band up in one of the spare classrooms. That, or he was sick of hosting them in the garage. All the worst pain in the ass gear would be ready for them, the amps and pedals and the big mixing board that she left Inigo to fiddle with.

There was already noise filtering from under the studio door. A voice she'd never heard, but as familiar to her now as any of her other bandmates, building into crescendo. Esther lifted her eyes from the screen, letting the heavy bag droop to the floorboards. Chris? Her Chris, the one she'd fished out of the club? She slipped through the door, eyes laser-focused on the girl playing like no one was watching. There were talents she hadn't shared.

Esther preferred to stay silent, until she trailed off into silence, only interrupting with a polite golf clap.

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Hail Hail, The Band's All Here [Sirens]
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