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Welcome to Beata! Come chat with us on Discord.
The in-game year is 2054.
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The city is seeing a sharp spike in violent crime. It's not safe to walk alone.


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Welcome to the site!
We're happy to have you. Our original site was made all the way back in 2012 and we've been writing in this universe ever since. This is the third site in the timeline, first starting in the year 2053. We're a close-knit community of roleplayers and many of us met on a Warriors forum called WCC years and years back.

If you're reading this, you're probably wondering how to get started. Here's a few links that might help.

Basic Rules
Frequently Asked Questions

Notice Board - introduce yourself!!

History of the School
Gifts & Powers

Power Help

Discord server - we're a large, friendly, active community. Come hang out with us.

Are you left with any questions? Just ask.

Create your character
Go to New Applications and copy the template found in the Application Form. There is a template for children and a template for adults. Teenage parents, please use the adult template.

Wait for a staff member to approve your creation. You will get a response within 24 hours. If you wait any longer than that, please send a staff member a reminder through PM. Once you're approved, you are free to roleplay!

Creation Help
D.O.B.: The year is currently 2054. Liberi is for children aged 5 to 12, Beata for children 13 to 18, and Benedicite as a form of higher education.
District: Rose District is the poorest and home to most new arrivals with no connections in the city. Aurum District is the city's downtown. Sofia District is home to the wealthiest and most influential families. Foxhaven Greenbelt, and the sub-community of Lupercal, is home to many of the city's shape-changers.
Weapons: School Rules & City Laws for why the hell high school students have weapons
Pets: Please keep it reasonable. But there are some options for those with exotic tastes, if you're willing to break the rules.

Gifts are hereditary and are passed from parent to child, sometimes skipping generations when diluted with enough "blank" blood. It's not uncommon for children with no gifted ancestry at all to be born with powers, flipping their mundane lives upside down when their gifts manifest. The city's Guardians are constantly monitoring and hunting for these children in order to recruit them to the school.

Rivers Pointe has only been a major city for 15 years. Giftless people are only permitted to live among gifted society if they have an immediate relative who is known to possess powers. Schools like Beata once existed in various places across the world, but they were destroyed in Agrona's crusade of terror, making Beata the most prominent.

Getting started
You've been approved! Great. Now you're free to RP anywhere.

There are four student guilds at Beata Academy, and any time after you're approved, your character can take the sorting test to be assigned a dorm number.

Things to check out:
Beata Campus & The City
Main roleplay areas.
Misc. Roleplay
Go into more depth with your character.
Random Stuff
Off-topic forum.
Find it at the bottom of the home page. Hang out with us.
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