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Check out the Halloween Festival in Harvest Park! Students in costume get in free!
Students trace a would-be killer's footsteps to the Burger Bar.
ARE YOU WORTHY? Champions are being forged in the Arena outside the school.
Winter is coming.

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 Mimosa [for eb]

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PostSubject: Mimosa [for eb]   Wed Oct 17, 2018 12:28 pm

She wasn't much of a greenthumb. Dad wasn't always enthusiastic on pets, so once or twice, she'd try to raise a houseplant instead, or at least try to keep a vase of flowers alive. They wilted under her touch, like she was poison, curling into withered threads of black and gray. Every time. Cailin ducked her head to avoid the broad leaves that stretched over the aisle like an arcing tunnel, sidling between the flowerbeds, as if the walls of the greenhouse themselves were about to fold in.

Don't touch, or they'll burn.

Don't look too hard either, or they might burn too.

But she had to grab at least a couple. Cailin slid her fingers into a rubber glove, scrunching up her nose in the way it seemed to wrap to her hand like a restraint, and started plucking.

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Mimosa [for eb]
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