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Welcome to our grand opening!
The year is 2053. The next chapter in our story is about to begin.
A new era ushers in.
But still not ushering fast enough to appease Wild.

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 He Sneeze [Time Jump/Open]

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PostSubject: He Sneeze [Time Jump/Open]   Wed Oct 10, 2018 5:22 pm

He vaguely felt the touch of several students as he sneezed away from the final battle. And he was vaguely aware of landing on the ground at the very much undestroyed Beata. But shortly after landing and dumping off the now time-displaced students, he sneezed again quickly and was off. He felt bad for leaving them, but he made a mental note for himself to come back. But luckily he didn't go far in time or space. He had skipped forward roughly 10 more years into the future, which was where he spent several days. In those days he grabbed himself a slightly-upgraded Unity Link, and in that unity link he set himself a reminder to go back to the moment he dumped those kids off when he was older.

And that was exactly what happened. Only seconds passed after the younger Kaito had sneezed away when an older, now 25-year-old Kaito, appeared in front of them. He waited for them to get their bearings before speaking, he knew how weird a "first time travel" was for those who didn't have the gift.

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PostSubject: Re: He Sneeze [Time Jump/Open]   Wed Oct 10, 2018 5:31 pm

Sam stood rooted at the gate of the academy, chaos around them. The scent of blood was thick in the air as they struggled to put together why this was happening. Terror clutched at their heart, feeling the primal instincts of fight or flight tearing through their mind as they struggled to settle on a feeling. T-They weren't prepared for this! There was no way they could ever be ready for this. An attack on the school? It was...It was insane! But out there was their family fighting. Their dagger was clutched in one hand as they swallowed, their mind settling on fight.

But it was pure luck - or perhaps misfortune - that they passed a few other students, all locked in fear and shock...Right as a sneeze echoed through the air. Sam paused, straightening up as they turned to utter two simple words only for their world to suddenly be turn sideways. The ground beneath them seemed to vanish for all a second, the world becoming a blur before it grew solid...It was the sudden feeling of liquid at their feet that caused Sam to yelp in surprise, their mind leaping to the idea of it being blood...But to their relief, as they stumbled backwards into the liquid, creating a large splash, they found they were had been unlucky enough to simply land in a fountain.

"Bless you," they said as they sat up, shaking water from their hair before they grew quiet. Something - no everything was off. There was no screaming, no sound of fighting, no terrible scent of blood that wafted through the air. It was peaceful, the air fresh as the sun beamed down on the group. The battle was gone. "What the..." they gasped, glancing around. They recognized where they were...Just barely. It looked like the school, it had the familiar layout and they were in the fountain but it was as if everything had gotten a new coat of paint. There was no sign of the battle that they had just been caught in seconds ago.

They sat there in the fountain, too stumped to pull themselves out as they stared at the landscape around them. "What did you do?" they questioned suddenly, their gaze snapping toward the student who had sneezed...Just in time for another sneeze to ring out and for them to simply disappear, only to reappear suddenly looking...Much older. Sam blinked as they slowly pushed themselves to their feet, nervously glancing around as they tried to get an idea of what had happen. "Where..." the words died in their throat as they realized the answer to that question was obvious. This was Beata, no question about it but that mean... Dread filled their stomach, their chest tightening as it almost felt like there was a pit that threaten to swallow them as their mind leaped to the only other question that made any sense - mostly when the kid who had sneezed had suddenly aged like that... "W-When are we?"

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He Sneeze [Time Jump/Open]
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