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 The Not-So Mighty [open]

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PostSubject: The Not-So Mighty [open]   Thu Sep 27, 2018 10:26 am

"Oide, Yuki."

His sweet husky was always nervous walking through the old park, but they didn't have much time left to wander the place before it hit it's prime. This was one of Roman's favorite things to do, during his favorite time of year, when the cool breeze flew through the valley and the leaves only just started to delicately crisp and fall to the earth. The park would be alive and kicking soon, just in time for the Autumn festival, a near month long celebration where they entire town came together and... well, partied, he supposed.

Call him a debbie-downer or whatever, but he only liked to visit the place when it was empty and beat up, with weeds everywhere. He could do whatever he wanted, sit at the top of the Ferris wheel, and who the hell would ever tell him otherwise?

The last thing he expected was for anyone else to be there with him.
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PostSubject: Re: The Not-So Mighty [open]   Sun Sep 30, 2018 7:30 pm

Tears burst forth like water flooding a damn, spilling down his face as the muscles of his cheeks and chin trembled helplessly. Each feeble wall around him collapsed, the minutes of silent sobbing broken apart by short pauses for recovering breaths before the blonde head found itself hurling straight back between the knees he hugged close to his chest. The world turned into a blur, the only support that prevented him from splaying across the ground being the darkened shrub in an easily passable corner of the empty amusement park. It was dark, scary - he didn't want to be here. What little light there was quickly became overwhelmed by a tangle of shadows. Clear watery trails stained his face down to his quivering lips. But it was even scarier to be around everyone else.

At least here, where nobody else would visit, not until festival season, he could freely cry without anyone else knowing. The Liberi campus quickly lost its sense of comfort, and the bathroom stalls stopped being a safe haven long long ago. An empty amusement park meant he could imagine the balloons and excited squeals of delight, wishing, hoping that he could join in one day with a group of friends standing by his side.

His limbs were sore from earlier in the day, Mikhail felt the world spin. Spinning, spinning without stopping.

I don't know what to do...

A crunch of leaves under someone's shoes flung his form into a flinch, his fingers clenching the blue fabric of his uniform with stiff fingers.

Mikhail suppressed a hiccup, hunching his shoulders in and ducking his head lower below the brush. As if it would make him invisible if he couldn't see anything else, he buried his head into his knees, unwilling to let anyone get a glimpse of his eyes. Someone else was here. Someone else was here. Someone else was here--
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PostSubject: Re: The Not-So Mighty [open]   Tue Oct 02, 2018 9:51 pm

Walking around the Autumn Festival from curiosity of where everyone is. While looking at the empty stalls, and deserted walkways. At some points of the festival, it looked like a wasteland. Passing a big bush Cecilia heard crying. Deciding to check, she moved aside the bush and saw a small boy crying. Trying to silently climb over the bush, Cecilia bent down behind the boy. "Are you okay?" The way she had said was her trying to be gentle and soothing, but it might not have worked. Hoping that she didn't startle the young boy Cecilia took a few steps to be beside the young boy.
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PostSubject: Re: The Not-So Mighty [open]   

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The Not-So Mighty [open]
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