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 Of Sounds and Shapes [Closed]

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Of Sounds and Shapes [Closed] Empty
PostSubject: Of Sounds and Shapes [Closed]   Of Sounds and Shapes [Closed] EmptyThu Sep 20, 2018 9:15 am

Fingers tapped absent mindlessly on her desk as Hosa leaned back on her chair, pressing the tip of her pen against her cheek as she read over the papers her students had turned in, trying to figure out if the number she was staring at for an answer was a nine or a four. Children's handwriting were...Something, to be sure. It was easy enough math for her students, challenging for them but it was only the bottom of the barrel for what they would have to overcome and all of them were so bright...It was lovely to see.

Of course, almost twenty years ago Hosa didn't have a single thought - a single care - about being a teacher. Hated kids as far as she was aware, after all the idea of having any was far from appealing toward her and she hadn't had a good childhood, eager to leave it all behind. And of course, she had no idea what she wanted to do for a life. Nothing really appealed for her, was more focused on just getting through school. It wasn't until she had graduated from Beata Academy and was living on her own in Rosebury that she thought about working at the daycare and realized that she rather liked working with kids.

And now here she was, a primary school math teacher with a Master's Degree and even a Ph.D in Primary Education. Hell, she even was a registered therapy animal - in a few different forms in fact - but that was a whole different story. When she had realized her love with working for children and the comfort she could lend them with her animal forms and needed to step back from the life of the Guardian, the role of a teacher seemed so suddenly clear to her. There were just some children who would react better to having an animal to help them than a human - helping calm them down or even just doing small tasks.

It was a simple life, much calmer than she used to have as a Guardian. Of course, the simplest her life had ever gotten was when she had left Rosebury for almost ten years to get her degrees, living life as a Blank. Rarely using her gift, she saw much of the outside world and realized how strange their lives were, how unknown and mystical would it seem to any normal human - any Blank. But now she was back among her people, trying to reconnect with a few of her old friends she had left but so many of them had moved on it was...Hard. For the most part, she was simply content with letting them live their lives without her, after all she was simply a teacher now...Granted one that could turn into a dragon or any other creature or animal at will.

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Of Sounds and Shapes [Closed]
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