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Begone to Beata 2.0.
The year is 2053.
A new era ushers in.
But still not ushering fast enough to appease Wild.

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 Map of Beata

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PostSubject: Map of Beata   Sun Jul 01, 2018 1:36 pm

Credit to Splotch for Creation ♥

Old Rosebury
- the cafe
- a restaurant, probably now ghetto
- shady bakery
- thrift shop
- convenience store where eve picks up her regular prescription of wine
- the old daycare
- maybe old pet store?
- diane's hill, basically a dope tree. can probably be moved to somewhere in ceres forest
- memorial, 1.0 shrine
- festival area, probably a ghost town whenever it's not autumn
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Map of Beata
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