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 Herman, Eve C.

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PostSubject: Herman, Eve C.   Wed Jun 27, 2018 9:12 am

General Information File

Name: Eve Cerise Mackenzie Herman
D.O.B.: May 30th, 2041

Height: 5'0''

Weight: 96lbs

Natural Hair Color: Blond

Eye color: Blue

Characteristic Features: She prefers to have her wings out, so often she will be seen with a pair of wings on her back.

District: Sofia District

Current Occupation: Student

Name of Father: Leo Herman

Name of Mother: Mikaela Herman

Names of Sibling(s): Adam, Shepard [half-brother]

Extended Family: Cody (cousin), Aleta (aunt), Magic (Uncle), Inigo (cousin), Asher(cousin)

Brief Description of Gifts:
[Cupid Physiology] - The user is essentially cupid, with the ability to make people fall in love, fall out of love, become infatuated with another, feeling others' love, and flight through wings.

Notes:She doesn't quite understand how to control her powers quite yet, the only thing she has mastered is her ability to sense people's love, and flight (though she easily gets tired).
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Herman, Eve C.
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