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 Jung, Katrina J.

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PostSubject: Jung, Katrina J.   Jung, Katrina J. EmptyFri Sep 14, 2018 3:07 pm

General Information File

Jung, Katrina J. Screen12

Name: Katrina Jaya Jung

Aliases: Subject K-1

D.O.B.: 01/10/36 - age 16

Height: 5"2

Weight: 109 lbs.

Natural Hair Color: Platinum blonde/white

Eye color: Red

Characteristic Features: Albino, so she is lacking in skin pigmentation entirely. Eyes appear red as a result.

District: n/a

Current Occupation: n/a

Weapons: Small butterfly knife attached to belt

Name of Father: Joseph Tseung

Name of Mother: Juliette Jung

Names of Sibling(s): Kai Jung (brother)

Extended Family: Claire Jung, Charlie Tseung, Isabelle Tseung, Kyou Tseung

Pets: n/a

Brief Description of Gifts:
Organic Absorption - The ability to heal from any physical ailment through stealing the nutrients and life-force of plants and other living things. The user may also gain additional physical strength and/or dexterity depending on how much energy they absorb.


  • Katrina and her brother Kai are the byproduct of Kaleb's genetic engineering in cloning, crafted to be the next step for a flawless humanity. The are biologically the children of Joseph Tseung and Juliette Jung, though they were conceived and suspended entirely in artificial wombs unbeknownst to the subjects. Initially there were more clones, but they did not survive the destruction of Kaleb's lab in late 2036.
  • Katrina is aware that Kaleb was involved in creating other clones for Agrona, though she does not know who they are.
  • Her early childhood was spent in laboratories and training facilities. She is very intelligent and physically capable, but socially and emotionally stunted as a result.
  • Sees herself as Kaleb intended - humanity perfected. Strong sense of superiority over both blanks and other gifted alike.
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PostSubject: Re: Jung, Katrina J.   Jung, Katrina J. EmptyFri Sep 14, 2018 5:48 pm


Congratulations and welcome to Beata.
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Jung, Katrina J.
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