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 Wright, Emily J.

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General Information File

Wright, Emily J. VjQAu3c
Wright, Emily J. LVLXiCw

Name: Emily June Wright

D.O.B.: April 28, 2045

Height: 4'0"

Weight: 52 lbs

Natural Hair Color: Blonde

Eye color: Violet

Characteristic Features: None

District: Sofia District

Current Occupation: Early Development student at Liberi Academy

Weapons: Not allowed.

Name of Father: Jason Wright

Name of Mother: Evelyn Wright (née White)

Names of Sibling(s): Jon Wright (older brother), Marion Wayley (older half-sister), Elia Wright (older sister), Esther Wright (older sister)

Extended Family: Nathaniel Wright (grandfather), Melody Delangelo (grandmother), Jayden Wright (uncle), Joanna Wright (aunt)

Pets: James (betta fish)

Brief Description of Gifts:
Perception Bending - Emily possesses a form of psychic camouflage that allows her to blend into her surroundings. She is visible but remains almost imperceptible to the human senses.


  • Effect weakens when drawing attention to herself, through loud noises or eye-catching movements.
  • Easily slips through the short-term memories of others as a consequence of her gift.
  • Interacting with Emily while her gift is active may lead to headaches or trouble concentrating.
  • The effects of her gift may be countered or negated by any form of mental shield, enhanced senses, or heightened awareness. Not effective on certain animals, such as dogs.
  • While her mother's power manifested early and strongly, with no control over her gift, Emily's powers have only manifested through coaxing and tests.
  • This could indicate the ability to trigger her power at will when she comes of age.
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Wright, Emily J.
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