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Begone to Beata 2.0.
The year is 2053.
A new era ushers in.
But still not ushering fast enough to appease Wild.

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 Wright, Esther A.

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PostSubject: Wright, Esther A.   Fri May 25, 2018 1:20 am

General Information File

Name: Esther Alice Wright

D.O.B.: [Be Mindful of Time Jump]

Height: 5'0"

Weight: 112 lbs

Natural Hair Color: Brown

Eye color: Gold

Characteristic Features: Hands frequently bandaged from accidental cuts, incurred from practicing knife tricks.

District: [Optional - If a Rivers Pointe' Resident, or the child of a Resident. If neither apply, put N/A.]

Current Occupation: First Year student at Beata Academy

Name of Father: Jason Wright

Name of Mother: Evelyn Wright (née White)

Names of Sibling(s): Jon Wright [BEA], Elia Wright [BEA], Marion Wayley [BEA], Emily Wright [LIB]

Extended Family: Nathaniel Wright (grandfather), Melody Delangelo (grandmother), Jayden Wright (uncle), Joanna Wright (aunt)

Brief Description of Gifts:
Silent Step - Esther possesses a form of psychic camouflage that allows her to blend into her surroundings when not speaking or otherwise making any sound. She remains visible but becomes almost imperceptible to the human senses. When her gift is active, she becomes "part of the furniture," and people may look directly at Esther without registering that they're looking at a person. The strength of this effect scales with volume—the more noise she creates, the less impact her powers have on the mind.


  • In basic terms, her power subconsciously wards attention away from her.
  • To further clarify, it is only triggered when she is not making any sound.
  • Easily slips through the short-term memories of others as a consequence of her gift.
  • Interacting with Esther while her gift is active may lead to headaches or trouble concentrating.
  • Her abilities are passive and are triggered automatically; she has no control over her gift.
  • The effects of her gift may be countered or negated by any form of mental shield, enhanced senses, or heightened awareness. Not effective on certain animals, such as dogs.
  • Has a pet turtle.
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Wright, Esther A.
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