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 Hawke, Cayden G.

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PostSubject: Hawke, Cayden G.   Tue May 15, 2018 8:47 pm

General Information File

Name: Cayden Garrett Hawke

Aliases: Sol

D.O.B.: 22nd January 2020

Height: 179cm

Weight: 94kg

Natural Hair Color: Blonde

Eye color: Golden amber

Characteristic Features: He glows, kinda like a warm, dim, lightbulb. Also he's dense like a rock.

Face-claim Name: Arthur Pendragon - Fate/Prototype

District: N/A

Current Occupation: Solaris Leader

Weapons: Various, all unregistered

Name of Father: Henry Hawke

Name of Mother: Claudia Hawke

Names of Sibling(s): Stephanie Allen

Spouse: Unmarried - Pepper Asahina (LDR Partner)

Children: Daemon Peters, Theresa Amell, Eloise Wright

Extended Family: Christopher Allen, Douglas Allen, Leandra Allen, Sebastian Allen,

Pets: Titus & Kyros, Dobermann Pinschers. They're more his guard dogs than anything else.

Brief Description of Gifts:
Solar Manipulation - The ability to wield, absorb and manipulate the solar rays, including UV radiation as a side effect. He can use solar rays as a weapon, releasing or redirecting intense beams of light and heat that can melt stone (like a Solar Flare). This beam can be mistaken as pyrokinesis as the air will often catch alit due to intensity of heat released. He can also create the usual, shields, bombs, and generally make things burn or disintegrate into nothingness.

He can manipulate UV rays indirectly, his solar attacks come with the bonus of releasing UV rays that will burn all nearby and friendly fire is possible.

Naturally as he can absorb Solar beams, he is immune to heat, light, and radiation. If he wasn't he would have died of radiation poisoning a long while back. Instead, solar energy is healing for him, and can use it to sped up healing rates or to replace energy lost. This isn't regeneration however, so there is risk that he's shaving off his lifespan, forcing his body to heal. Absorbing the sun's energy also increases his body density, increasing his weight.


  • He only knows about Eloise and his kids with Pepper
  • No one actually knows where the fuck Cayden is
  • There's a bet going that the two dogs he has aren't the same ones he first got. He just replaces them if anything happens to them with new Titus & Kyros'.
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Hawke, Cayden G.
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