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 Jung, Juliette R.

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PostSubject: Jung, Juliette R.   Tue May 15, 2018 8:41 pm

General Information File

Name: Juliette Rina Jung

Aliases: Jules

D.O.B.: 13th December 2019

Height: 168cm

Weight: 45kg

Natural Hair Color: Black

Eye color: Violet-tinged Black

Characteristic Features: She hasn't aged a day since High School. Literally. She looks like a High School Senior.

Face-claim Name: Lenalee Li - D.Gray-Man

District: Rose

Current Occupation: Guardian

Weapons: Gun, Registered. Throwing Knives. Retractable staff.

Name of Father: Hwae Suk Jung

Name of Mother: Mai Lee Jung

Names of Sibling(s): Kaleb Jung

Spouse: Single

Children: Claire Jung

Extended Family: Joseph Tseung, Kyou Tseung, Andrew Jung, Charles Tseung, Isabelle Tseung

Pets: None

Brief Description of Gifts:
Regenerative Healing - She can heal from all wounds and regrow body parts as long as enough of her is left. Her DNA, if ingested, also gives temporary healing boosts to living creatures. It cannot bring back the dead, and it only works if the recipient is fatally wounded.


  • She's on a mission to eliminate all traces of Kaleb's work
  • Jules does care about Claire, but can't stand to be around her for long
  • She knows that Kaleb is out there somewhere, that the Test Tube kids were his handy work
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Jung, Juliette R.
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