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 Riegel, Aine

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General Information File

Riegel, Aine YBUpUYQ


Name: Aine Riegel

Aliases: Ai(n) [nickname]

D.O.B.: ???

Height: 4’10”

Weight: 87 lb

Natural Hair Color: Green

Eye color: Blue

Characteristic Features: A digital mask that displays emoticons and kaomojis covering his porcelain doll face [made by Stavros]; his eyes are strikingly blue with very light pupils, giving him a glassy-eyed doll look; extremely effeminate-looking and difficult to distinguish as male

District: N/A; came from San Diego, California

Current Occupation: Beata Student

Weapons: None

Name of Father: Callum Ainsworth [deceased]

Name of Mother: Farah Silbergeld [deceased]

Names of Sibling(s): N/A

Extended Family: Flynn Silbergeld [uncle-brother], Marian Silbergeld [aunt], Sven Riegel [foster grandfather], Children of Agrona

Pets: N/A

Brief Description of Gifts:
Air Manipulation - Blessed with the ability to manipulate air, Aine becomes hypersensitive to his environment, being able to ‘read’ the wind. This hypersensitivity extends to his sense of touch and hearing, giving him a large field of vision and the ability to seemingly predict others’ actions along with quick reflexes that act practically on auto-pilot. Despite his small stature, his gift significantly boosts his physical abilities (which he wouldn’t be able to do without it), allowing him to lift large objects, enhance his speed through propulsion, crush/explode objects, and land powerful strikes. His range over his powers means that he can manipulate air molecules through endomorphism to produce images similar to illusions, ionize the molecules to create a small control over electricity, or completely disintegrate materials (including people) with powerful winds.


  • One of the few surviving artificial children made under Agrona’s personal instruction, Aine’s powers are extremely amplified to the point where his body is very frail and sickly in turn. He has a passive shield created by his gift that automatically repels all projectiles that would have otherwise made contact with his body.
  • All of the other Children of Agrona are female, but due to a mishap in his ‘programming,’ Aine was born biologically male while retaining a very feminine appearance. This mistake in his programming means that he will never develop secondary sexual characteristics, causing him to look forever youthful with a high-pitched and childish voice. He seems to stop aging by the time he appears to be around 15. he is best trap
  • Ironically enough, his health issues are primarily respiratory problems. He has caught pneumonia twice (one of which was primary tuberculosis pneumonia), severely weakening his already weak lungs, and regularly has trouble breathing. Currently, he has a latent TB that will become active as miliary TB as his body continues to weaken. It doesn’t seem like he can be cured, and his life expectancy is no higher than 20 or so years.
  • Though he was taken in by Flynn and Marian after he was recovered by Beata, the pair did little to care for him, regularly engaging in gaslighting and verbal/emotional abuse due to his eerie resemblance to Flynn’s half-brother and mother. After some time, Flynn threw Aine into a foster home where he was cared for by Sven Riegel, adopting the elderly man’s surname. Sven, being a former Sofia alumni, suggested that Aine enroll at Beata Academy, giving the artificial child directions on how to enter the city eventually. He is completely aware of his origins as an artificial person and is aware of others like him to an extent.
  • He is not overwhelmed by the average Electricity Manipulator, being immune to it through insulation, but against Cailin Andrews (who is on the same level of power as him because of her status as a Daughter of Agrona), Aine could find himself overwhelmed if he isn’t careful.
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Congratulations and welcome to Beata.

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Riegel, Aine
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