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 3.0 Pikalings

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PostSubject: 3.0 Pikalings   Fri Sep 07, 2018 4:16 am

Character Roster3.0
Kendall Kent
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Carter Kent
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Claire Jung
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Theresa Amell
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Apollo Lupo
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Lily Wayley
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Daemon Peters
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Posts : 57
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PostSubject: Re: 3.0 Pikalings   Sat Sep 08, 2018 11:16 pm

Born to newly wed couple, Morgan Kent (née Laiten) and Jonathan Kent, Kendall Robyn Kent was the beloved firstborn of the couple. Her birth was followed by many siblings; Carter Kent, Sydney Kent, Madeline Kent & Nathaniel Kent, respectively, but she has always held a special place in her parent's hearts.

She's the classic eldest child, studious and determined to succeed as one of the first born children in the newly constructed Beata City. She grew up on stories of how her parents generation fought against the evil forces of Agrona, and wishes to follow in their footsteps of being recognised and leaving an impact on the world. And considering her father is the Hosptial Administrator of Beata's only General Hospital, and her mother being a Gift-Specialist Historian, she has quite large shoes to fill.

As a result of her driven nature, she's a bit of a loner, her closest confidantes being her siblings, but starting at Beata Academy officially, who knows? Maybe this might change?

On first meeting, Kendall seems to favour her mother, exceptionally closed off and difficult to approach, however she's just like that naturally. No trauma or fear of harming others, just a natural introvert who grew up with too many noisy siblings that all wanted to speak first. No matter how close you are with her, she'll always be a gal of few words, but she's got her own way of caring. Ask Kendall her opinion or for advice about an issue, and she'll spend a suprising amount of effort and time to construct the best reply. Surprsingly thoughtful, she's an expert gifter, who's good at remembering key dates and information about your life.

As for flaws, she can be downright mean with her words, and with how observent she is, when she's angry, she can be dangerously effective with her hurtful barbs. She has fire in her heart, and when she's angry, she easily takes it too far. It's made for some spectacular family feuds.

When Kendall was born, she wasn't like other children, having little tumour-like nubs on her forehead that was a great cause of concern for her parents. It turned out to be the formation of sensitive horns that would be a part of her abilities, and they're probably the first thing about her that most people notice. That, and her long pink-hued blonde hair that flows to her mid-waist. Similar to her beloved mother, she's undeniably a looker, but in the crowd of borderline supermodels that live in Beata City, she blends right in, being soundly average.

She can be found dressed mainly in school uniform, often spending most of her time studying. However, when out of uniform, she favours either baggy sports clothing or tight-fitting crop tops and shorts.

Key topics that are relevant to Kendall will be posted down below :)

Heat Manipulation. It sounds cooler than it is, as Kendall can only give or take heat from her surroundings. She primarily uses her gifts in everyday life, making drinks colder/warmer and keeping herself toasty warm. The most interesting aspect of her gift is the horns that portrude from her skull, giving her an almost lizard-like sixth sense for heat. She can use them to track heat signatures, and see the world in hues of heat.

As a side effect of her abilities, Kendall is immune of heat/cold damage, though she still feels the need to remain at a normal human's body temperature range. Her cells won't be harmed by temperature extremes, but she feel uncomfortable, like pin and needles from cutting off blood-flow to a limb.

As for combat skills, she has only very basic training. General skills taught in self-defence class that her father enrolled her in, and rudimentary gun-training. She knows how to disarm someone safely, and poke their eyes out if they attempt to assault her, but her parents didn't want to make her a child-weapon, like they were once.

One thing that she is exceptionally skilled at, however, is equestrianism. She's a skilled jumping, eventing and dressage, but her true passion (much to her parent's dismay) is barrel racing. She lives for the thrill of riding at high speeds on horse-back around tight turns that leave her head thrumming with adrenaline.

NAME: Kendall Robyn Kent


AGE: 15

GENDER: Cis Female

HAIR: Strawberry Blonde

EYES: Blue

HEIGHT: 170cm

WEIGHT: 55kg

BUILD: Tall, lanky

OCCUPATION: Beata Academy Student


GIFTED ABILITY: Heat Manipulation

PARENTS: Morgan Laiten; Jonathan Kent

SIBLINGS: Carter Kent, Madeline Kent, Sydney Kent, Nathaniel Kent



SEXUALITY: Heterosexual, mostly

LIKES: Horse-Riding, Being Right, Volleyball

DISLIKES: Ice-cream, Dogs, Roses

PETS: Créme (Horse)

BOOKS: Les Miserables & anything by Atwood

MUSIC: Ballet Classical Pieces

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3.0 Pikalings
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