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Begone to Beata 2.0.

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 Asahina, Daemon V.

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PostSubject: Asahina, Daemon V.   Sat May 12, 2018 5:27 am

General Information File

Name: Daemon Varric Asahina

D.O.B.: TBD - 15 yrs

Height: 176cm

Weight: 54kg

Natural hair color: Brown

Eye color: Golden

Characteristic Features: His eyes glow in the dark like those star stickers you can get

District: [Slums for orphans yo']

Current Occupation: Beata Student

Name of Father: Cayden Hawke

Name of Mother: Pepper Asahina

Names of Sibling(s): Theresa Amell

Extended Family: Stephanie Allen, Christopher Allen

Brief Description of Gifts:
Phoenix Mimicry -Daemon has the abilities that are associated with the legendary firebird, the Phoenix, though it's more likely that it's just a branch off his father's abilities with a tinge of his unknown mother's gift. Daemon is capable of self-regeneration through fire, burning wounded parts to recover. He also has control over intense heat that's not quite fire, but more like the burning of the sun. He could potentially mould this into attacks, but he cannot at the moment.

What has earned his ability the title, Phoenix Mimicry, is the bird like shape his glowing heat forms around him when he's in combat mode. In this cocoon of heat, he is capable of limited flight. Unsurprisingly, considering the fact he's 15, he's not going to have access to this, and currently believes he simply has an odd mutation of solar manipulation that doesn't require the sun.

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Asahina, Daemon V.
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