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 Croft, Elaine C.

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General Information File

Croft, Elaine C. N3oyFnD

Name: Elaine Camellia Croft

Aliases: Lain

D.O.B.: 10/10/2026

Height: 5'0"

Weight: 99 lbs

Natural Hair Color: Brown

Eye color: Copper

Characteristic Features: Surgical scars on her back and behind her ears

District: Sofia District — perennial resident at the General Hospital

Current Occupation: N/A

Weapons: N/A

Name of Father: Garrett Croft

Name of Mother: Lana Croft (née Black)

Names of Sibling(s): Katherine Croft

Spouse: N/A

Children: N/A

Extended Family: N/A

Pets: Howard [hognose snake]

Brief Description of Gifts:
[Omniscience] - Knowledge of events past, present, and future, through sporadic visions, dreams, and hallucinations. Cursed with perfect memory about everything they've learned, seen, and experienced


  • Born a blank, with no gifted ancestry or powers of her own.
  • Her sister, regardless, was born with an exceptionally powerful gift and was enrolled into Beata Academy.
  • These talents caught the attention of Agrona, who took Lain and her father as insurance for Kayla's loyalty.
  • Lain herself also caught Agrona's interest as a genetic specimen, and she became a continuation of the Lilith project, a guinea pig in the rediscovered splicing procedure.
  • She absorbed an imperfect form of omniscience, or knowledge of events past, present, or future.
  • These visions completely overwhelmed her and changed her into a lifeless puppet.
  • After her recovery by Preston Andrews, she has become a ward of the Andrews family, and been medicated with theurinol ever since to suppress her powers.
  • Extremely sickly, with an extensive list of allergies and respiratory issues.
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Croft, Elaine C.
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