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 Jung, Claire M.

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PostSubject: Jung, Claire M.   Jung, Claire M. EmptySat May 12, 2018 4:50 am

General Information File

Jung, Claire M. QDmalb8

Name: Claire Min-Ah Jung

D.O.B.: ???? (Assumed to be 15)

Height: 171cm

Weight: 56kg

Natural hair color: Black

Eye color: Pale blue, almost white.

Characteristic Features: She has no pupil, and it's almost alien like

District: [middle class hoeland]

Current Occupation: Beata Student

Name of Father: UNKNOWN

Name of Mother: Juliette R. Jung

Names of Sibling(s): None known ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Extended Family: Joseph Tseung, Kaleb Jung, Andrew Jung

Brief Description of Gifts:
Healing Manipulation - Claire possesses the rather frightening ability to both heal and deconstruct wounds to her will. She can speed up the healing process to create tumours, slow down the ageing process in others. And like her mother, her powers are always on in the background, healing her and keeping her in peak condition. The difference is, she can switch it off she wants, though not at the moment. Currently, any skin contact with people leads to her healing when she's in a good mood, harming when she's in a bad mood.


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Jung, Claire M.
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